is a simple training
programme, particularly
useful for anyone who
has no experience
reading tarot or
any other cards
this is the first stop for those who
want a brief
to the
once you are familiar
with the cards, go directly
to play in order to do
your readings
Visual Directory
lists all the cards &
explanations of their
meanings, spread positions
& meanings, chakras, set and
group themes as well as containing
full-size images of the cards
cards are normally read
in groups, called ‘spreads’.
We offer three basic spreads
on the site, and this section discusses
them. It also explores how to ask
questions of the cards

this section attempts to answer the
questions: why and how do cards
work? It also gives some insight
into these Rainring cards
in particular
A guide to the – very different –
form of the cards available to
purchase in hard copy

the details of
the goods and
services Rainring®
are currently offering
for sale

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to contact us
with your queries about Rainring® cards

Rainring Blog
updated constantly:
features articles,
classes on reading cards,
sample readings,
facilities to interact with
author & other users