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  To the right, we have umpire heart and the card Form on its reversed side. The reading, however, is not Form λ (reversed) U / Heart. This is because three ‘aspecting’ umpires, including Heart, treat the grid card as being not four-sided but one-sided. The card to the right is Form, which is the principal mention. This umpire ignores the other three mentions and reads Form U/ Heart, i.e. Form, heart aspect. Form umpire (below) is also aspecting.

Form UmpireThe 4-Mention Package
With the pack of cards comes a detailed instruction booklet, explaining how to read individual cards and to use spreads. It contains structural information about the cards - a pack of 85 plus nine umpires - and explanations on the use of a dozen or so spreads. Also available as optional extras are 2 laminated grid sheets in colour, the A4 being a coloured version of the one on the site here, the A2 containing images of all 94 cards.

We do not suppose that the explanations given on this page will be sufficient for a newcomer to the 4-mention cards to be able to understand how to use them. Here, our aim is only to make clear to possible purchasers what it is that they will be getting.
The 'Heart' Umpire The 4-Mention Form card reversed
The Heart Umpire, one of the three 'aspecting' umpires, ignores all but the principle mention.
The 'Heart' Umpire The 4-Mention Form card in the principal mention position
The Heart Umpire, one of the three 'aspecting' umpires, ignores all but the principal mention.
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