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  Note that the card ID numbers 1-81 are an identification device created for use online, and, unlike the other numbers associated with the cards (and featured on the 4-mention version), their only purpose is administrative.

Reversed meanings:
In Rainring, we consider that there are three possible types of reversed λ meaning. 1) the opposite of the upright meaning; 2) an absence of the upright meaning; 3) a ‘U turn’ whereby the action is now of a totally different form. Example: Creation λ – 1) destruction 2) a ‘fallow’ period with no creative work; 3) creating in a radically different way to the former one.

Finally, the Foundations section attempts to explain, for the benefit of PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER USED CARDS OF ANY TYPE, why they work, and in what way they can be useful.

Additional Comments
Another version of the grid showing the group colours is to be found on the 4-Mention cards page.

‘Pain’ is illustrated on the card of that name, but uniquely in Rainring, the same card also carries a mention – twainsong – (at N) which is an alternative to, not a variation of, the main mention.

Please see also the comment on Anger, Fear, Grief etc on the 4-Mention page.
A clip from the archive: home-made set, first version, circa 1993
A clip from the archive: home-made set, first version, circa 1993
The central cards in the grid
4-mention card images from a section of the grid (see next page)
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