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We thus find ourselves facing a conundrum: how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious. A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function.

For access to the unconscious, there are several routes available. The personal unconscious can be reached through a fortuitous trigger such as an odour which takes us back to a long-forgotten childhood scene, whilst many psychotherapists aim to use triggers deliberately. More collective elements, however, (see below) are typically accessed by dreams, synchronous events (omens), altered states of consciousness (for example, as practiced by shamans), certain works of art, and decoders. In the latter case, a particular state of mind is definitely needed for a successful outcome, but this does not have to be some esoteric condition obtainable only through powerful drugs or arcane training, initiation or ritual. Nor does it necessitate clairvoyant abilities such as are typically found highly developed only in a few gifted individuals. The modest intuitive ability required to produce good results with cards is as socially acceptable as intuition used for a flutter on the stock market.

To get a somewhat greater insight into the workings of a decoder such as Rainring, we need to look briefly at the collective unconscious. The unconscious has two constituents – personal and collective. Some of its contents are specific to me – aspects of my own psychic history which continue to affect my behaviour, relations, attitudes, movements etc, without my being aware of them. Note, however, that for those who believe that the soul reincarnates, this psychic history extends far back – it did not begin at birth, or in the womb, in my present life. Yet whatever its precise constitution, its contents are specific, individual.
The Crossing-Keeper: precursor of things to come
The Crossing-Keeper: precursor of things to come
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