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Now let’s try to pacify the reasoning faculty a little by attempting to explain how cards in general function.

If Rainring works, it is because, when we select cards ‘at random’, what emerges is a meaningful connection between the cards and the person, situation, event upon which we ask them to focus. We will, in effect, find ourselves with a coincidence: co – with, together; incidence – happening. Happening together, meaningful coincidence, is sometimes referred to as ‘synchronicity’ and defined as an ‘acausal connecting principle’. In other words, the contention is that alongside causal connection – cause A > effect B – we have acausal connection, where clusters of things spring up co-incidentally.

Let’s give an example of this principle at work. Some years ago I wrote a fantasy of around eighty pages under huge time pressure. This was the first version of the story used by the illustrators of the cards, and writing it certainly induced in me a state of inner tension and heightened emotion. When I had this work effectively complete, I took a walk by the sea in order to find the most resonant wording for the final paragraph, which involved a tiger. Just as I settled on an appropriate form of words, a car drew up and parked along the street. Out got a woman with a little girl carrying a honey-coloured fluffy toy. Reason would have supposed this to be a teddy bear. I was unable to get more than a momentary, almost completely obstructed glimpse. Yet I knew, in a flash, that it had to be a tiger. I was able to get close enough, before they entered their house, to confirm that it was so.

Some years later, not long after I had met my partner, Hacina, I told her this story as an example of synchronicity. The whole notion of synchronicity left her distinctly underwhelmed. The same evening, going over to see her, I was thinking about her negative response, and telling myself that I saw no way that anything could be done about it. Two doors before her house, sitting on the pavement in the dark at 8 o’clock in the evening was – a large child’s tiger. I told her, without specifying, that there was something outside which she must go and see. Reluctantly, she agreed and went to take a look. Coming back, she reported, in addition to the tiger, a large H in the wall immediately behind it, which I had not noticed, doubtless because it was not intended for me.
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