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Being convinced of the reality of the principle of reflection not only makes it possible for me to imagine that cards could reflect where I am at, moment to moment, but indeed makes it impossible for me to suppose that they could fail to do so. Perhaps the analogy of the spider’s web might be appropriate for a universe encompassing both causal and acausal. Causality and time are situated along the strands which radiate from the centre of the web, whilst the acausal connections are the ones which form each perimeter, between the various radiating lines. The question ‘Where am I?’ is therefore answered partly in terms of what has come before and is to come after, and partly in terms of what I am connected to - through meaning - at this particular moment.

The Bystander – inspired in part by the café of the same name next to Brighton Station – sometimes used as our ‘office’
The Bystander – inspired in part by the café of the same name next to Brighton Station – sometimes used as our ‘office’
I have just made a number of categorical statements, not backed up by evidence. In my defence, I will only say that each person’s choice about how to live is a matter, ultimately, of predilection. Both my mind and my senses apprehend the manifest physical universe as a harmony, not as chaos. I choose to suppose, by extension, that there exists an underlying order in the psyche. My own life is a constituent, an atom of that order. There is a reciprocal relation between the world and myself – we affect each other. I do not know whether there is, in some sense, a consensual reality. What does seem clear to me is that I, like everyone else, create a personal world, which functions like a hall of mirrors. I am not the victim of the world outside me, but its perpetrator – it is I who make my experience of it.

But we are in a dynamic, not a static situation. Life is also a class, and the world, a classroom. In each grade, I have particular problems to solve. As soon as I am capable of dealing with one issue, the next presents itself. A mirror acts as a stimulus to awareness. It shows me that I have forgotten to straighten my tie or wipe the ketchup off my chin. The mirror of the world, similarly, shows me what my state of being and doing is producing – if I don’t like the consequences, I had better learn how to behave differently, in order to create different ones. The heartless boss, the quarrelsome spouse, the problems with my health – all the trials and tribulations of my world are my class-work, the lessons I have to learn if I want a better life. Whenever I am able to change who I am, the new me will be reflected in new external circumstances.
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