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Rainring: once a card – group 9 set 5 in the early pack, now the north mention on Heart (3 / 6) in the 4-mention pack
Rainring: once a card – group 9 set 5 in the early pack, now the north mention on Heart (3 / 6) in the 4-mention pack
To return to the beginning: even if one is perfectly at home with synchronous events such as my encounters with children’s tigers, is there not a world of difference between omens, which seem to appear unbidden in dramatic moments of heightened emotion, only to vanish as mysteriously as they had arisen, and an activity as apparently prosaic and systematic as that of consulting a pack of cards when and wherever one feels so inclined, claiming that the cards will always deliver an omen, portent or oracle? The sober citizen must surely be forgiven for incredulity in the face of such a claim. Dramatic ‘coincidences’ - such as the stopping of a clock at the moment of death of its owner, are one thing. The claim that one can harness whatever strange force makes such things possible and carry it around in one’s pocket, in the form of a pack of cards: that is surely something else?

I don’t know whether it will ever be possible to write mathematical equations to describe ’co-incidence theory’. In their absence, I have no problem living my life according to ‘subjective’ principles. For me, co-incidence is real and useful. I find it improves my life to live with as much awareness of its workings as possible, rather than to live without it. I understand both the operation of synchronicity in general, and that of the cards in particular as manifesting what I call the principle of reflection. This principle states that we attract the events which correspond to us. To put it another way – we are not the unfortunate victims of existence, likely at any moment to fall prey to the vagaries of random accident or illness.

For me, it is possible to view existence in this way only if I presume that the soul reincarnates. Two further suppositions follow from this premise: first, that what appears, over the span of one life, to be rank injustice, must be supposed to work itself out over the total span of lifetimes; second, the consequences of what I do, or indeed fail to do, in this life will revisit me somewhere down the road. In the old saying – what goes around, comes around. Obviously, it would not be possible to create a pack of cards such as Rainring if I did not see order in the psychocosmos. (This word, incidentally, refers to the conviction that what manifests in the material plane is a reflection of what already exists in the psyche.) Like the cricket played on portions of our planet, the game of psyche is played out according to certain rules.
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