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  To help you find your way around the cards, their meanings and the significance of the spread positions, we recommend you to begin by playing with tips enabled. First-time visitors to the site are recommended at least to pursue the links to Cards and Spreads before using Play. Tick the checkbox if you would like tips to be displayed.

In the top righthand corner, there is an indicator of your remaining credits. When you are using the free trial, it will display how many more times you can use the cards.

If you enable reversed meanings, the shuffle will present the cards upright, and you will have, on the play screen (see page 7), a facility to reverse any card(s) you choose. See Cards on the links panel for an analysis of reversed meanings.

This screen is where you have to input the question that you wish to ask. Take a moment to find out exactly what you want to ask the cards, then type the best words you can find to express it. It will not matter if you use a language other than English! Note that until you have typed your question, the ‘next’ button will not respond. Your typed question will be carried forward to both the ‘play’ and to the ‘view cards chosen’ screens.
Game settings 
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