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  This screen shows your completed spread with the names of the spread and individual cards to the right of the spread.

Hover over a card in the chequerboard to see an enlarged version and the meaning of the card. To view a card or the spread in the Visual Directory, click on the name of the card or spread.

Printing Your Results
Press the PrtSc button on your keyboard, open a word document and go file / page set-up / landscape / OK. Now right-click in the blank document and paste. You will have a picture of the web page, including your spread. Left click on the image to bring up the picture toolbar; left-click the dog icon, then on square on the pop-up menu. Next, left click the crop tool icon on the picture toolbar and remove unwanted borders. Finally enlarge the image as required, then print.

To proceed, click ‘next’.
Your results 
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