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  When you first click on the 'Play' link on either the menu or the Heart page, you will view the following game warning:

Warning!Warning: excessive use of these cards can be dangerous.
Rainring cards are a channel to the unconscious, an area which is immeasurably vaster and more inclusive than that of the conscious psyche, hence highly enticing. For explorers venturing there, it is advisable to be solidly grounded in daily life, with friends, obligations in the outer world, and so on. Rainring is designed to enrich your life, not replace it. When you first encounter the cards, you may find yourself wanting to spend a lot of time with them. Try not to be excessive in this regard. Rainring is about balance; please beware of the fact that it can become an obsession.

Please take the time to read and absorb this. We cannot assume responsibility for the consequences of over-use of the cards, but we can and do draw your attention to the existence of that possibility, and its possible consequences. Click on the circular image to proceed.
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