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  We use the octagon spread for a ‘slice of life’ appraisal – it tells us the situation at a particular moment. In the case of the question at right, I might want not only to look at my-partner-and-I combined, I could compare three parallel octagon spreads:
  1. What is my experience of the relationship?
  2. What is my partner’s experience of it?
  3. How does it look from the perspective of the cards?
This, c), was the question we asked.
Rainring cards focus on the inner, or psychic aspect of things – they are not adapted, for instance, to dealing with issues relating to money. The best way to use them is to concentrate on the psychic or psychological component of a situation.

My question need not refer to a current situation. For instance, I might be considering moving house and I can ask ‘What effect will the new place have on me?’ Again, I might have two job offers and use the cards to find out how I would get on in each job, creating one spread for each employment situation.

Equally, I may look at past issues: Why did my ex- and I split up? What was my psychic situation when I got excluded from school? What factors in my personality have lead to my being in prison? Why did my husband run off with the au pair?

Remember, however, that it is vitally important not to make assumptions. Don’t ask ‘Why does Miss X hate me?’ ask ‘What is Miss X’s view of me?’ (Will aspect will reveal what her feelings are.)
* For ALL spreads - in homosexual couples, determine which partner plays the male, which the female role.
An Example Question:
‘What is the present situation in the relation-ship of myself and my husband/wife’ *

FORM aspect (S)
What is going on in our daily life?
What is going on below the level of our awareness?
SPIRITaspect (E)
What is the state of our spirit connection?
WILLaspect (W)
What is our emotional connection? How are we feeling together?
How is our verbal connection?
How are we getting on as a couple? – i.e. what is the state of our conjugal relationship? (love/sex)
SELF aspect (SW)
How am I doing in the relationship?
QUEST-ION?  aspect (NE)
What are our goals as a couple?
HEART aspect (C)
What is the summary of these eight aspects?
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