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  The Anatomy of the Octagon

The groups, and the aspects, are related to the chakras (energy centres in the body felt and/or seen by some sensitives and clairvoyants). Communication, for example, corresponds to the throat chakra.

Note that offline, the cards can typically be organised in two ways, either as the eight sides of an octagon, or with a layout broadly similar to the online one, with each card oriented north-south.

As for the aspects, each aspect or position determines what view of the relationship is being taken: we look at it from eight different angles or perspectives, then summarise these with the ninth.

This is not the only type of octagon spread. It is possible to change the positions of certain cards, in order to alter the emphasis of the reading. The hard copy instructions look at this issue in some detail. The above spread is called the bi-polar octagon because it is based on four sets of opposites. The two fundamental ones are E-W: Spirit-Will, and N-S: Unconscious-Conscious. The two minor ones are SW-NE: Self-Goals (self now, self extended through time) and NW-SE: propagation non-materially (Communication) or materially (Conjugation).

In Rainring, ‘male’ and ‘female’ typically refer to the psychic, rather than the physical male and female. In gay / lesbian couples, we consider that this male-female polarity is also in operation.

Bi-Octagon Spread - The Aspect
Offline card layout

The version of the bi-polar octagon layout which is used on-line.
The version of the bi-polar octagon layout which is used on-line.
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