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  The Anatomy of The Triangle
The centred triangle has more than one use, but we show here the one that places the female and male component (energy / person) of a situation at bottom left and right respectively. The apex of the triangle then represents the balance point between the two. The result of the interaction of these three forces is at centre. Again, therefore, the central card acts as the summary of the situation.

Questions Using The Triangle
This is excellent for mother, father and child/children, the result being the situation in the family.

With several children, re-do all three cards for each child, or do the spread once only to look at the place of the children collectively.

Use also for a couple, where the apex is the typical point of meeting or harmony. Conversely, if studying a conflict situation, apex will be the point of discord. 

The triangle variation offered on the spread menu uses bottom left for the unconscious factor in a situation, right is the conscious one, apex is the interface of the two and centre is the result.

For example, if you want to assess your reaction to a person, or theirs to you, this spread is the one. Equally, it can be used for people’s conscious and unconscious motives.
The Male-Female Centered Triangle
The M-F Centered Triangle
The Unconscious-Conscious Centered Triangle
The U-C Centered Triangle
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