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Chakra Names, Colours, Meanings & Corresponding Positions
in The Centred Octagon Spread*


The chakras are the energy centres of the body seen by clairvoyants and taken into account in the work of many practitioners of complementary medicine. They are agreed as having the same colour sequence as the rainbow, beginning with purple at the top of the head. About the precise nature of the energies located in each chakra, there is not complete agreement. My own view, which is central to the whole of Rainring, is given below.

colour position name interpretation
  E crown spirit force, wisdom, knowledge, mental awareness – male pole
  N third eye relation to the unconscious – ‘sixth sense’, clairvoyance etc
  NW throat spiritual communication: expression in word & music
  C heart male side of balance; empathy, friendship, the inner child
  SW solar plexus self centre: force of personality, self-assertion, self-defence
  S belly (hara) physical vitality, grounding, practicality, material power
  W root emotional force (Will), sexual appetite, survival – female pole
  SE crown & root combined female side of balance; strength and harmony of sex and spirit
    NE spectrum source* evolving centre, quest; dispassion, overview, summation
*The (‘bi-polar’) octagon spread available online is not the only octagon spread used in Rainring. Whilst the online one does not use the spectrum positions in their usual order, there is an octagon spread which does so – this is featured on spreads intro page and is discussed in the instruction booklet sold with the hard copy of the 4-mention cards.