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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
8 1 Will Denial denying / suppressing feelings; refusal to follow one’s desires; denigration of the qualities and attributes of Will, the psychic feminine [View]
Will Denial λ reverse of above
17 2 Spirit Denial rejection of values not based on immediate feelings; denigration of the qualities and attributes of Spirit, the psychic masculine [View]
Spirit Denial λ reverse of above
26 3 Joy balance between clarity and passion; properly – a state with no denial; equal and full recognition of both male and female side in oneself and the world [View]
Joy λ reverse of above
35 4 The Maid the young woman who incarnates the marriage of Will and Spirit; she has spiritual insight and sexual vitality in equal measure [View]
The Maid λ reverse of above
44 5 Swayesse love as a moving sea; tides of feeling, sense and spirit between male and female in the psyche [View]
Swayesse λ reverse of above
53 6 Play Of Love the tides of emotion engendered by the dance of male and female; the illustration on the card- Conjugation: that in our nature which drives us to seek the complementary vibration of the opposite polarity in the psyche [View]
Play Of Love λ reverse of above
62 7 Beauty male and female energies expressed in mutual harmony; a balance of this kind in communication between people [View]
Beauty λ reverse of above
71 8 Union the end of enforced separation, psychologically, between male and female; freedom to be two-in-one [View]
Union λ reverse of above
80 9 Completion the high point, at which the old can go no further; completion rounds off; nothing can, or should, be added - ‘the rest is silence’ [View]
Completion λ reverse of above