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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
4 1 Torpor 1) sluggishness, sloth, exhaustion - physical / psycho-somatic; 2) the still centre [View]
Torpor λ reverse of one of above
13 2 Hyper-Activity compulsive metabolic over-activation – driven, ‘workaholic’ behaviour; inability to rest [View]
Hyper-Activity λ reverse of above
22 3 Action physical vitality; energy balance: both activation and rest as and when appropriate [View]
Action λ reverse of above
31 4 The Hero the man of action; in touch with his own body and the physical world; fortitude, strength, tenacity [View]
The Hero λ reverse of above
40 5 Form the fourth principle: manifestation, differentiation, proliferation – the realm of the senses [View]
Form λ reverse of above
49 6 Despair the emotion felt when there seems no desirable or bearable outcome to one’s situation, circumstances or condition; the illustration on the card- Sensation: the function corresponding to the material dimension; the intelligence of the body [View]
Despair λ reverse of above
58 7 Oeuvre expression actualised through creative work – the vision of the artist materialised; directed, productive efforts [View]
Oeuvre λ reverse of above
67 8 Sensuality the expression of explosion in physical (sensory) terms; the sexual, the sensual and the sensory – inhabiting the realm of sense [View]
Sensuality λ reverse of above
76 9 Formation possibility actualised in form; project becomes fact; eventual stasis through lack of inspirational renewal [View]
Formation λ reverse of above