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The Themes Of The 9 Groups & Their Corresponding Aspects


The fundamental division in Rainring is that into groups. The table below (also found in ‘Spreads’ Introduction section) shows how we elaborate the themes of the nine groups which compose the Ring. These in turn inform the way in which we interpret the nine positions (above), and the nine aspects used in the bi-polar octagon spread.

no. colour group aspect
1     Spirit : the male pole - spiritual vision or insight; discrimination, wisdom. Spirit aspect : the way in which spirit views the issue – the thoughts, perceptions and insights involved
2     Will : the female pole - emotional force, sexuality, survival Will aspect : feelings about, emotional response to the issue
3     Heart : balance between the poles: friendship, affection, empathy, non-sexual love, children Heart aspect : the heart of the matter – the issue summarised in one card
4     Form : the body’s energy centre, the material dimension, daily life, practicality, facts. Form aspect : the practicalities, the impact of the matter on daily life
5     Unconscious : the hidden source of psyche, accessed by intuition, art, shamanism. Unconscious aspect : the hidden source of what is manifesting itself
6     Self : seat of the unique identity of beings, also its guardian. The unit of Creation. Self aspect : how the issue impacts on the individual(s) involved; how it affects personal integrity and integration
7     Communication : connection between individuals by word and music. Multiplying via resonance. Communication aspect : the spoken, written or other artistic interactions taking place around the issue;
8     Conjugation : fusion of male and female polarities; balance of emotion and awareness Conjugation aspect : externally – relation between conjugal partners; internally -the equivalent in the psyche of the individual(s)
9     Quest-ion? : the impetus of evolution; spiritual quest or goals, the round of life. Quest-ion? aspect : the goals or aims striven for in relation to the issue