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ID Set Name Meaning  
3 1 Withdrawal backing off from friendly contact with others; retreating ‘into one’s shell’ [View]
Withdrawal λ reverse of above
12 2 Invasion being ‘all over’ people; encroaching upon others’ personal space in a compulsive and insensitive manner [View]
Invasion λ reverse of above
21 3 Relation right relation with others, with no compulsion either to withdraw or invade; ability in the art of friendship; soundness of heart [View]
Relation λ reverse of above
30 4 The Youth the young man - friend, companion, exemplar of the childlike wisdom of the heart; insouciance: warm, affectionate disposition [View]
The Youth λ reverse of above
39 5 Creation conception + desire = creation; the latter is the product of fusion of the two former, also the balancer between them [View]
Creation λ reverse of above
48 6 Grief the emotion triggered by distress, loss, pain – one’s own or another’s; the illustration on the card-Heart: the function which balances thought and emotion, also the middle chakra of the body [View]
Grief λ reverse of above
57 7 Rapport the essence of the artist as communicator – heart to heart connection with the other [View]
Rapport λ reverse of above
66 8 Explosion 1) the surge of orgasmic energy occasioned by the fusion of male and female; 2) falling in love; 3) dramatic event, upheaval, violent outburst [View]
Explosion λ reverse of one of above
75 9 Balance the interaction of projection and resistance produces a third force: a dynamic balance able to catalyse further development – stage three [View]
Balance λ reverse of above