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ID Set Name Meaning  
9 1 Ebb rejection of the legitimate demands of the outer world in the neurotic attempt to focus exclusively on the inner one [View]
Ebb λ reverse of above
18 2 Flow rejection of the legitimate demands of the inner world in a neurotic attempt to focus exclusively on the outer [View]
Flow λ reverse of above
27 3 Tides 1) Harmonious and appropriate alternation between inflow and outflow in psychic life; 2) swings in one’s being; surfing the emotional rollers [View]
Tides λ reverse of one of above
36 4 The Stranger the eternal spiritual nomad: non-conformist solitary, quester and questioner; the man at the centre; seeing all, identifying with none [View]
The Stranger λ reverse of above
45 5 Raindance the round of life; the dance of unity in diversity, of harmony within multiplicity, of ending and beginning [View]
Raindance λ reverse of above
54 6 Bittersweet the emotions felt by the soul who has loved a world, yet feels compelled, from within, to journey on into the beyond; the illustration on the card- Quest-ion?: that in us which can never rest, but will always aspire to go further. The journey of the soul [View]
Bittersweet λ reverse of above
63 7 Legacy a permanent deposit in the spirit of man when the excitation of beauty has come to rest; long-lasting influence upon the human psyche [View]
Legacy λ reverse of above
72 8 Play 1) freedom to experience male-female harmony in endlessly novel ways; fun, invention, enjoyment in the game of two; 2) activity to amuse or enjoy oneself; typically with others [View]
Play λ reverse of one of above
81 9 Crossing the old must die to make space for the new; crossing involves loss, disorientation, ending, passage, the ‘dark night of the soul’ [View]
Crossing λ unknown