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ID Set Name Meaning  
6 1 Submission giving in to another’s will, or sometimes to fate; inability to assert one’s legitimate need for personal space [View]
Submission λ reverse of above
15 2 Domination expanding one’s own space by overriding the will of others; compulsive drive for power [View]
Domination λ reverse of above
24 3 Radiance the balance of one’s self-vibration in interaction with others – radiance cannot be bent to the will of another, neither seeks power and control for self over others [View]
Radiance λ reverse of above
33 4 The Matriarch she raises the children, cares for the crops, nurtures relationships and governs the tribe [View]
The Matriarch λ reverse of above
42 5 Self guardian of individual being, the unique nature of one’s own identity; the force which supports and guides multiplicity, differentiation, individuation [View]
Self λ reverse of above
51 6 Freedom outside the prison of despair, everything is possible; the fundamental aspiration of the self; the illustration on the card- Vibration: the sense of self which radiates from a person. The function of being true to oneself [View]
Freedom λ reverse of above
60 7 Charisma that which makes a person’s life an art form in itself; the blessing of personal power; a light that draws others to itself, whether for good or ill [View]
Charisma λ reverse of above
69 8 Defence holding one’s personal ground in a couple or other relationship; in defence, protection of the self is emphasised, sometimes to excess [View]
Defence λ reverse of above
78 9 Achievement the stage of concrete, finished results; sustained and, when necessary, revitalised action bears fruit [View]
Achievement λ reverse of above