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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
1 1 Deflation a pin-prick to the balloon of the ego! self-image collapses [View]
Deflation λ reverse of above
2 1 Control attempt to impose a rigid and restricted framework of behaviour on situations, others or oneself [View]
Control λ reverse of above
3 1 Withdrawal backing off from friendly contact with others; retreating ‘into one’s shell’ [View]
Withdrawal λ reverse of above
4 1 Torpor 1) sluggishness, sloth, exhaustion - physical / psycho-somatic; 2) the still centre [View]
Torpor λ reverse of one of above
5 1 Obsession compulsive and unhealthy preoccupation, driven by unconscious psychic contents, with oneself, another, or a particular object or goal [View]
Obsession λ reverse of above
6 1 Submission giving in to another’s will, or sometimes to fate; inability to assert one’s legitimate need for personal space [View]
Submission λ reverse of above
7 1 Inhibition emotional block to action or expression; compulsive timidity; lack of self-confidence in communication [View]
Inhibition λ reverse of above
8 1 Will Denial denying / suppressing feelings; refusal to follow one’s desires; denigration of the qualities and attributes of Will, the psychic feminine [View]
Will Denial λ reverse of above
9 1 Ebb rejection of the legitimate demands of the outer world in the neurotic attempt to focus exclusively on the inner one [View]
Ebb λ reverse of above