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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
10 2 Inflation puffed up with self-importance; the exaggerated pride which ‘comes before a fall’ [View]
Inflation λ reverse of above
11 2 Abandon 1) action or expression without restraint, uncontrolled letting go 2) giving up, deserting [View]
Abandon λ reverse of one of above
12 2 Invasion being ‘all over’ people; encroaching upon others’ personal space in a compulsive and insensitive manner [View]
Invasion λ reverse of above
13 2 Hyper-Activity compulsive metabolic over-activation – driven, ‘workaholic’ behaviour; inability to rest [View]
Hyper-Activity λ reverse of above
14 2 Possession weakness of psychic boundaries; being easily taken over by outside influences; invasion of self by unconscious contents [View]
Possession λ reverse of above
15 2 Domination expanding one’s own space by overriding the will of others; compulsive drive for power [View]
Domination λ reverse of above
16 2 Exhibition compulsive showing-off; need to be constantly at the centre of attention [View]
Exhibition λ reverse of above
17 2 Spirit Denial rejection of values not based on immediate feelings; denigration of the qualities and attributes of Spirit, the psychic masculine [View]
Spirit Denial λ reverse of above
18 2 Flow rejection of the legitimate demands of the inner world in a neurotic attempt to focus exclusively on the outer [View]
Flow λ reverse of above