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ID Set Name Meaning  
19 3 Clarity quality of spirit which apprehends without partiality or bias; seeing situations, relationships, others and oneself without the distortion of deflation or inflation [View]
Clarity λ reverse of above
20 3 Passion emotional vitality in pursuit of what one wants; gusto; balance between control and abandon [View]
Passion λ reverse of above
21 3 Relation right relation with others, with no compulsion either to withdraw or invade; ability in the art of friendship; soundness of heart [View]
Relation λ reverse of above
22 3 Action physical vitality; energy balance: both activation and rest as and when appropriate [View]
Action λ reverse of above
23 3 Soul balanced relation to one’s unconscious; psychic openness, but with adequate control; action from, or being within, one’s deepest nature or self [View]
Soul λ reverse of above
24 3 Radiance the balance of one’s self-vibration in interaction with others – radiance cannot be bent to the will of another, neither seeks power and control for self over others [View]
Radiance λ reverse of above
25 3 Interchange communicating from oneself and being open to receiving the communications of others; mid-point between, and balance of, inhibition and exhibition [View]
Interchange λ reverse of above
26 3 Joy balance between clarity and passion; properly – a state with no denial; equal and full recognition of both male and female side in oneself and the world [View]
Joy λ reverse of above
27 3 Tides 1) Harmonious and appropriate alternation between inflow and outflow in psychic life; 2) swings in one’s being; surfing the emotional rollers [View]
Tides λ reverse of one of above