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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
28 4 The Patriarch the man who initiates in spirit; the prophetic visionary who puts his vision into practice; the leader – capable of inspiring both devotion and rebellion, love and hate [View]
The Patriarch λ reverse of above
29 4 The Wanton the woman who lives out her desires and is, in turn, the most desired; the bold, alluring, magnetic woman [View]
The Wanton λ reverse of above
30 4 The Youth the young man - friend, companion, exemplar of the childlike wisdom of the heart; insouciance: warm, affectionate disposition [View]
The Youth λ reverse of above
31 4 The Hero the man of action; in touch with his own body and the physical world; fortitude, strength, tenacity [View]
The Hero λ reverse of above
32 4 The Seer the woman connected to the unconscious – shaman, medicine woman, sensitive [View]
The Seer λ reverse of above
33 4 The Matriarch she raises the children, cares for the crops, nurtures relationships and governs the tribe [View]
The Matriarch λ reverse of above
34 4 The Artist he contacts, expresses and communicates his inner vision of the world [View]
The Artist λ reverse of above
35 4 The Maid the young woman who incarnates the marriage of Will and Spirit; she has spiritual insight and sexual vitality in equal measure [View]
The Maid λ reverse of above
36 4 The Stranger the eternal spiritual nomad: non-conformist solitary, quester and questioner; the man at the centre; seeing all, identifying with none [View]
The Stranger λ reverse of above