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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
37 5 Conception what cannot be imagined – conceived - cannot take form; the birth of possibility; the male pillar of life [View]
Conception λ reverse of above
38 5 Desire the motive force and female pillar of life; the prime mover of being: e-motion = movement outwards [View]
Desire λ reverse of above
39 5 Creation conception + desire = creation; the latter is the product of fusion of the two former, also the balancer between them [View]
Creation λ reverse of above
40 5 Form the fourth principle: manifestation, differentiation, proliferation – the realm of the senses [View]
Form λ reverse of above
41 5 Flow-Singer the mediator between consciousness and the unconscious, causality (time) and acausality (synchronicity); the source of the stories of being [View]
Flow-Singer λ reverse of above
42 5 Self guardian of individual being, the unique nature of one’s own identity; the force which supports and guides multiplicity, differentiation, individuation [View]
Self λ reverse of above
43 5 Wordsong spirit of the muse; the joiner of selves in spirit; the medium in which resonance takes place [View]
Wordsong λ reverse of above
44 5 Swayesse love as a moving sea; tides of feeling, sense and spirit between male and female in the psyche [View]
Swayesse λ reverse of above
45 5 Raindance the round of life; the dance of unity in diversity, of harmony within multiplicity, of ending and beginning [View]
Raindance λ reverse of above