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ID Set Name Meaning  
46 6 Anger the guardian and defender of personal space; the illustration on the card- Thought: the quality or function proper to spirit: the male pole [View]
Anger λ reverse of above
47 6 Fear the alarm response triggered by a threat to the integrity of the individual self; the illustration on the card-Emotion: the quality proper to will: the female pole [View]
Fear λ reverse of above
48 6 Grief the emotion triggered by distress, loss, pain – one’s own or another’s; the illustration on the card-Heart: the function which balances thought and emotion, also the middle chakra of the body [View]
Grief λ reverse of above
49 6 Despair the emotion felt when there seems no desirable or bearable outcome to one’s situation, circumstances or condition; the illustration on the card- Sensation: the function corresponding to the material dimension; the intelligence of the body [View]
Despair λ reverse of above
50 6 Contact : Hope intervention from without or within enables one to feel that a desirable or bearable outcome is possible; the illustration on the card- Intuition: sensing the inner nature of things, being in touch with the intangible; hunch, presentiment [View]
Contact : Hope λ reverse of above
51 6 Freedom outside the prison of despair, everything is possible; the fundamental aspiration of the self; the illustration on the card- Vibration: the sense of self which radiates from a person. The function of being true to oneself [View]
Freedom λ reverse of above
52 6 Longing the lone self longs for unconstrained contact with the other, and for love; the illustration on the card- Making Sound: healing power of word and music. The function of communicating [View]
Longing λ reverse of above
53 6 Play Of Love the tides of emotion engendered by the dance of male and female; the illustration on the card- Conjugation: that in our nature which drives us to seek the complementary vibration of the opposite polarity in the psyche [View]
Play Of Love λ reverse of above
54 6 Bittersweet the emotions felt by the soul who has loved a world, yet feels compelled, from within, to journey on into the beyond; the illustration on the card- Quest-ion?: that in us which can never rest, but will always aspire to go further. The journey of the soul [View]
Bittersweet λ reverse of above