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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
55 7 Impression the mark left on our being by the experiences of life; the process or result of imprinting the psyche [View]
Impression λ reverse of above
56 7 Expression the urge to make our mark upon life, just as it makes its own upon us; the impulse to press out upon the world by creative acts [View]
Expression λ reverse of above
57 7 Rapport the essence of the artist as communicator – heart to heart connection with the other [View]
Rapport λ reverse of above
58 7 Oeuvre expression actualised through creative work – the vision of the artist materialised; directed, productive efforts [View]
Oeuvre λ reverse of above
59 7 Vision what is perceived by the inner eye of the artist and expressed through his oeuvre; to conceive mental images, or have them revealed to one [View]
Vision λ reverse of above
60 7 Charisma that which makes a person’s life an art form in itself; the blessing of personal power; a light that draws others to itself, whether for good or ill [View]
Charisma λ reverse of above
61 7 Resonance striking a chord in the other, who feels themself on the same wavelength; even a small output, if at the appropriate frequency, has a big effect on the recipient [View]
Resonance λ reverse of above
62 7 Beauty male and female energies expressed in mutual harmony; a balance of this kind in communication between people [View]
Beauty λ reverse of above
63 7 Legacy a permanent deposit in the spirit of man when the excitation of beauty has come to rest; long-lasting influence upon the human psyche [View]
Legacy λ reverse of above