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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
73 9 Projection 1) stage one of the project: first movement of the spirit towards conceivable goals; 2) the distortion of what is by what is imagined, believed, felt to be [View]
Projection λ reverse of one of above
74 9 Resistance necessary opposition; friction of emotion against the unfettered impulse of spirit [View]
Resistance λ reverse of above
75 9 Balance the interaction of projection and resistance produces a third force: a dynamic balance able to catalyse further development – stage three [View]
Balance λ reverse of above
76 9 Formation possibility actualised in form; project becomes fact; eventual stasis through lack of inspirational renewal [View]
Formation λ reverse of above
77 9 Input eventual loss of momentum in the formation stage can be overcome only by new input from within or without. Conscious efforts fail; the unconscious must be accessed [View]
Input λ reverse of above
78 9 Achievement the stage of concrete, finished results; sustained and, when necessary, revitalised action bears fruit [View]
Achievement λ reverse of above
79 9 Communication completed work attracts response – interaction with others ushers in the final phase of the cycle [View]
Communication λ reverse of above
80 9 Completion the high point, at which the old can go no further; completion rounds off; nothing can, or should, be added - ‘the rest is silence’ [View]
Completion λ reverse of above
81 9 Crossing the old must die to make space for the new; crossing involves loss, disorientation, ending, passage, the ‘dark night of the soul’ [View]
Crossing λ unknown