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The Themes Of The 9 Sets In The Grid


The sets are not directly involved in the design of the spreads available online, though they do feature in the more comprehensive catalogue available with hard copy of the cards. However, they are important in terms of classifying, establishing connections between the individual cards; caution: this▼ is no more than an outline – see hard copy booklet.

no. colour group set details
1     Spirit intorvert imbalance a compulsion towards inward-direction of psychic energy
2     Will extrovart imbalance the opposite compulsion - towards outward-direction of psychic energy
3     Heart balance balance of 1 and 2: freed from the compulsive element, the individual’s power flows in or out according to the objective needs of the circumstances
4     Form personal archetypes* uses a nine-fold division of human types, each based on an idealised or mythic prototype
5     Unconscious fundamental archetypes* the primary forces or energies under-pinning the ‘psychocosmos’: i.e. the universe as a manifestation of the psyche
6     Self functions Rainring identifies nine functions, of which seven correspond to the chakras; at west, and illustrated, is the cycle of the ‘feeling archetypes’ or fundamental emotions
7     Communication art & life the basic psychological drive behind art is seen as the desire to communicate; this set constitutes an analysis of the artistic impulse in those terms.
8     Conjugation love ways describes various aspects and elements of developing relations between the male and female polarities in the psyche
9     Quest-ion? process archetypes* the archetypal stages through which all psychic processes evolve; (they form the basis of a spread available with the hard copy of the 4-mention cards)
  *the word ‘archetypes’ is used in a rather particular way – it means something like ‘prototypical universal energies’: that is, the invariable constants that underpin all the diversity, variation and multiplicity of particular instances in the psycho-cosmos