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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
1 1 Deflation a pin-prick to the balloon of the ego! self-image collapses [View]
Deflation λ reverse of above
10 2 Inflation puffed up with self-importance; the exaggerated pride which ‘comes before a fall’ [View]
Inflation λ reverse of above
19 3 Clarity quality of spirit which apprehends without partiality or bias; seeing situations, relationships, others and oneself without the distortion of deflation or inflation [View]
Clarity λ reverse of above
28 4 The Patriarch the man who initiates in spirit; the prophetic visionary who puts his vision into practice; the leader – capable of inspiring both devotion and rebellion, love and hate [View]
The Patriarch λ reverse of above
37 5 Conception what cannot be imagined – conceived - cannot take form; the birth of possibility; the male pillar of life [View]
Conception λ reverse of above
46 6 Anger the guardian and defender of personal space; the illustration on the card- Thought: the quality or function proper to spirit: the male pole [View]
Anger λ reverse of above
55 7 Impression the mark left on our being by the experiences of life; the process or result of imprinting the psyche [View]
Impression λ reverse of above
64 8 Need 1) the condition – requiring relief - of the individual emotionally, sexually, spiritually alone; 2) lack of essential prerequisites of health and well-being [View]
Need λ reverse of one of above
73 9 Projection 1) stage one of the project: first movement of the spirit towards conceivable goals; 2) the distortion of what is by what is imagined, believed, felt to be [View]
Projection λ reverse of one of above