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Spread Patterns, Positions & Meanings


1. centred octagon spread
2a. centred triangle spread (male-female)
2b. centred triangle spread (conscious-unconscious)
3. five-card square
4. nine-card square

1. centred octagon

spread ▼ position meaning
    N     north –
(deep blue/indigo) corresponds to the third eye chakra. The hidden source of psyche, accessed by intuition, art, shamanism.
  NW       north-west – communication (blue) corresponds to the throat chakra. Connection, interchange between individuals by word and music. Multiplying via resonance.
W         west – will (red) corresponds to the root chakra. The female pole: emotional force, sexuality, survival
  SW       south-west – self (yellow) corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. Seat of the unique identity of created beings, also its guardian. The unit of Creation.
    S     south – form (orange) corresponds to the belly chakra. The centre of the body’s energy, the material dimension, daily life, practicality, facts.
continued ▼ position meaning
      NE   north-east – question (grey/brown for white) the source of the manifest colour vibrations. Spiritual search and enquiry. The round and impetus of life
    C   E centre – heart (green) corresponds to the heart chakra. Balance between the poles: friendship, affection, empathy, non-sexual love, children
      SE   east – spirit (purple/violet) corresponds to the crown chakra. The masculine pole: spiritual vision or insight; discrimination, wisdom
          south-east – conjugation (magenta): fusion of male and female polarities. Sexual connection. Balanced combination of emotional force and spiritual insight