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Spread Patterns, Positions & Meanings


1. centred octagon spread
2a. centred triangle spread (male-female)
2b. centred triangle spread (conscious-unconscious)
3. five-card square
4. nine-card square

2b. Centred Triangle Spread (conscious-unconscious)

spread ▼ position meaning
    I     apex –
interface (I)
the third position or force - the interface or accommodation reached as a result of the tension of conscious and unconscious forces
            the fourth, central position summarises the three outer ones; result of the interaction of the first three; also matrix within which they operate
     R     centre – result (R)
          lower left – unconscious (U) the unconscious forces driving the person / situation – what is ‘really going on’ below the level of conscious awareness
U       C lower right – conscious (C) the conscious motivations of the person / situation – what is said, admitted to be happening, planned and intended