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ID Set Name Meaning  
5 1 Obsession compulsive and unhealthy preoccupation, driven by unconscious psychic contents, with oneself, another, or a particular object or goal [View]
Obsession λ reverse of above
14 2 Possession weakness of psychic boundaries; being easily taken over by outside influences; invasion of self by unconscious contents [View]
Possession λ reverse of above
23 3 Soul balanced relation to one’s unconscious; psychic openness, but with adequate control; action from, or being within, one’s deepest nature or self [View]
Soul λ reverse of above
32 4 The Seer the woman connected to the unconscious – shaman, medicine woman, sensitive [View]
The Seer λ reverse of above
41 5 Flow-Singer the mediator between consciousness and the unconscious, causality (time) and acausality (synchronicity); the source of the stories of being [View]
Flow-Singer λ reverse of above
50 6 Contact : Hope intervention from without or within enables one to feel that a desirable or bearable outcome is possible; the illustration on the card- Intuition: sensing the inner nature of things, being in touch with the intangible; hunch, presentiment [View]
Contact : Hope λ reverse of above
59 7 Vision what is perceived by the inner eye of the artist and expressed through his oeuvre; to conceive mental images, or have them revealed to one [View]
Vision λ reverse of above
68 8 Procreation the product of sensual love: physically as a child or psychologically as a new birth [View]
Procreation λ reverse of above
77 9 Input eventual loss of momentum in the formation stage can be overcome only by new input from within or without. Conscious efforts fail; the unconscious must be accessed [View]
Input λ reverse of above