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Groups :
ID Set Name Meaning  
2 1 Control attempt to impose a rigid and restricted framework of behaviour on situations, others or oneself [View]
Control λ reverse of above
11 2 Abandon 1) action or expression without restraint, uncontrolled letting go 2) giving up, deserting [View]
Abandon λ reverse of one of above
20 3 Passion emotional vitality in pursuit of what one wants; gusto; balance between control and abandon [View]
Passion λ reverse of above
29 4 The Wanton the woman who lives out her desires and is, in turn, the most desired; the bold, alluring, magnetic woman [View]
The Wanton λ reverse of above
38 5 Desire the motive force and female pillar of life; the prime mover of being: e-motion = movement outwards [View]
Desire λ reverse of above
47 6 Fear the alarm response triggered by a threat to the integrity of the individual self; the illustration on the card-Emotion: the quality proper to will: the female pole [View]
Fear λ reverse of above
56 7 Expression the urge to make our mark upon life, just as it makes its own upon us; the impulse to press out upon the world by creative acts [View]
Expression λ reverse of above
65 8 Attraction the fundamental magnetic force between male and female which ensures pairing and proliferation [View]
Attraction λ reverse of above
74 9 Resistance necessary opposition; friction of emotion against the unfettered impulse of spirit [View]
Resistance λ reverse of above